Optimize healthcare costs through employee wellness

Real-time data insights

Aggregating data from multiple health & fitness apps to form a complete & unified view of employee health

Immediate ROI

Monthly measuring the impact on your health care costs savings. We are just a commission in your savings ;)

Employee engagement

Helping you foster a great working environment, making sure your employees stays motivated, healthy & happy

Increase productivity

Working motivation is increased, leading to an increase in returns and a decrease in your absenteeism rates. 

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Gamification platform that helps companies optimize health costs by encouraging employees to lead a more active lifestyle. 

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Everyone can participate

WeFitter connects to more than 20 apps and activity tracking devices and not matter the activities your team members love, everything is rewarded

Real-time Dashboard

Tracking, monitoring and statistics are all part of the innovative dashboard. Get fitness insights and measure your reward program's performance

Rewarding & Gamification

We roll out a unique and customized rewards and challenges program that will keep your employees always engaged and active

Customized landing sign up page

Customize the experience for your users by creating a unique sign up page with your own logo, images and text

Employee & Team leaderboards

Generate healthy competition. Exercising and being active becomes a fun experience

Turning companies into engaged and active communities

Optimize employee engagement and health by rewarding active lifestyles


WeFitter aggregates real-time data from multiple Health & Fitness apps to form a complete and unified view of employee health and measure the real impact on savings.

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Average employee engagement rate


Potential savings per employee per year


employees have improved their health

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PhoneHouse employees were challenged to accumulate 40,000 km in two months to endorse a social cause. 

1,500 employees took part, 80% of the entire workforce, +35% physical activity levels in less than 60 days.

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